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Welcome to The Makers University

I’m Creative Coach Mel!

I’m the luckiest wife ever to have a husband that relentlessly supports me and tries to help with everything. I always say God made Aaron JUST for me!

I’ve always wanted to be a mom… being a Maker allowed us the time to become Foster parents and eventually led to us adopting our two children in 2019. Addison and Grayson mean the entire world to us. It seems like once we became parents… everything we do is for them!

I’m a scatter brain, fly by the seat of my pants, always has 538 things going on at the same time and I don’t seem to know how to use the word No when folks ask me to add something else to my plate!

I’ve been a creative all my life. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of me and my Grandma sitting around the table crafting various things. Then I moved on to scrapbooking and decorating for parties… then added wedding invitations and now garlands, centerpieces and of course wreath making!

Most people don’t know this about me… I used to own a ladies only fitness center… actually WE (my grandmother and I) owned three. At the young age of 21, I signed my first franchise and the next several years are down in history as the best of my 20’s! Being in three places at the same time was an art… and so magical at the same time!

So technically, I started my “teaching” career back then! Teaching all our ladies about nutrition, how to properly workout using our machines and ALL the things that go with getting a good workout! Then I went on in my journey to become an Accounts Receivable Supervisor for a company where I also dabbled in “teaching” just in a different way. Little did I know this was all preparing me for what I do today!


About Sincerely Creative Mom

Technically I started my business Facebook page in October 2015… and by October 2017 I had a whopping 300 followers…. That’s when my life completely changed! Who knew that scrolling through Facebook, thinking about what to do as an additional income would lead me to this AMAZING community of crafters all over the WORLD!
This all started because the company I worked for last was bought out by another company. Thus eventually meant my fancy position was being eliminated and our “main office” was being shut down. So, I was on the hunt for a new job!
That’s when Facebook gave me Damon from DecoExchange and in that moment, my life changed forever! My new chapter started in September 2017 and it was slow going. I spent countless hours (before we became Foster parents) studying the art of wreath making and the magic of having a presence in the social media world… and I went to work… this time, for MYSELF!
I started just like everyone else. Selling my beauties to friends and family… and maybe even a few of their friends. I quickly realized that wasn’t going to go far… so I listened closer to my online business coach and mustered enough courage to venture into Etsy.
A whole new world opened up for me and life changed yet again! I’m selling wreaths out of a small boutique in the nearest downtown area, I’m selling on Etsy AND I’m coaching others how to be creative in our private Creative Coaching group.
As a Creative Coach at The Makers University I can’t wait to help you walk down your own Creative Journey! 

Here’s a little taste of what I could help you learn…

What Is The Makers University?

The Maker’s University is just that. A resource for all things related to starting, operating, or scaling a creative business. Whether you are just starting out, struggling to figure out what to do next or maybe you have a thriving business but know there must be “an easier way” – The team at Makers University can help you reach your goals.

Who Is The Makers University For?

While the roots of The Makers University began in wreath making and home decor, expertise has expanded beyond just making wreaths and now includes things such as: E-commerce, Live video, community building, monetization, revenue diversification, website development, SEO and much more. If you are in need of the tools to make your business successful online – The Maker’s University is a great place to start your education.

What do I do at The Makers University?

I am part of the Creative Coaching Team at The Makers University. I teach one live detailed class per week in the Facebook group and I always provide 1 detailed recorded tutorial for the membership portal every month! As a Creative Coach I also participate in the Creative Challenges & help shop for supplies for the upcoming seasons for DecoExchange! 


If you’d like to learn from me & the other coaches check out how you can join below! 

Where can you learn from me within The Makers University?

Creative Coaching

The Makers University Creative Coaching Group is dedicated solely to the art of making handmade wreaths, centerpieces, garlands, and other similar home décor items. With over 3,000 other active members – this subscription group caters to anyone who is just wanting to get into crafting or a glue gun veteran.

Price: $39 / MO

Get all of the details by clicking Learn More below!

Current Challenge

Join The Creative Coaches for the Spring Fling 2024 workshop of fun and crafting! Each of the 6 coaches will be teaching you how to make an item that you can list in your shop for sale or that can be used to add into your own creations. Click the button bellow to get more information about the Workshop.

home for the holidays 2023 workshop

The Makers University – Other Programs We Offer:

Membership Programs

Business Coaching

The Maker’s University Business Coaching Group is one of the largest memberships that cater specifically to starting, optimizing, and scaling a creative business. With a community of over 2,000 small business owners working together to grow creative businesses you will be surrounded by other like minded, driven, creatives that are working hard everyday to achieve success in their lives and businesses.

Creative Coaching

The Makers University Creative Coaching Group is dedicated solely to the art of making handmade wreaths, centerpieces, garlands, and other similar home décor items. With over 3,000 other active members – this subscription group caters to anyone who is just wanting to get into crafting or a glue gun veteran.

The Discount Club

Who doesn’t love a good discount, right? With the size of our membership groups we reached out to over 30 of our favorite places to shop for craft materials and asked them for a special discount just for our members. Each month get access to discounts and promotions that are perfect for any craft lover.

Business Coaching, Creative Coaching, and The Discount program Combined

“This all sounds great”. “I just want one of everything”. “Sign me up”. If you are interested in all the memberships we have to offer then this is the place for you. Enjoy a hefty discount when you join all three of our membership groups while getting access to all the perks of each.

“One Time Fee” Paid Challenges / Courses

Create Quality Content Challenge

Join Parker – The Co-Founder of DecoExchange on a 5 day challenge to Create Quality Content. Having high quality video content for social media, sales pages, or even ads is more important than ever. In this mini-course Parker will teach you all the tools, tips, and data needed to ensure that you are maximizing and optimizing your use of video content during the age of E-commerce.

The Oh Ship Challenge

Join Damon & Parker where we each teach you how to reduce your shipping prices. Check out all of the details of the challenge by clicking the Oh Ship Challenge Button.

POD Masterclass

Join Damon – Founder of The Makers University as he guides you through the process of adding Print on Demand items to your potential revenue streams.

Where do I get my wreath supplies?

One of the places I shop for my wreath supplies are and you can check out all of their supplies by clicking on the Shop DecoExchange supplies button here: